How to write a short essay -

How to write a short essay

Before starting to see in detail what the scheme consists of to make a perfect short essay, however, it is good to specify which are the two errors to never do during the performance: do not exhaustively argue one’s thesis (giving some things for discounted) and overcome the length limits (which for the first test of Maturity are usually fixed around the five columns).

How to do a short essay outline – First: reading of the trace and the available material. In this first phase you must make sure that you understand carefully what is the central topic of the short essay that you will have to write. Once you understand this, read the material at your disposal very carefully, highlighting the parts that you believe are fundamental and that you believe are part of the process. At the end of this first phase you must already have in mind what the purpose of your paper is (try to answer the question: what thesis does my short essay support?).

How to make a short outline essay – Second: identification of the recipients and the linguistic register. Before starting to draw up the ladder (aka the actual scheme to write your short essay) remember to identify the destination of your essay. To do this, try to answer these questions: Who do I want to address? For what reason? Based on the answers you give yourself, you must therefore identify the right style for your performance. The linguistic register in fact changes according to the appropriate recipient (formal = educated, bureaucratic, informative, informal = colloquial).

How to make a short essay – Third: the lineup. At this point you are ready to move on to the next phase: the drafting of the short essay outline which you will then have to follow during the course of the track that has been assigned to you. Here are the fundamental points of this phase:

  • Identification of the central thesis and of the documentation favorable or contrary to it within the material supplied;
  • Identification of an introduction, a central argumentative part and its own conclusions;
  • Subdivision of the sources to be used within the three blocks just established.

How to make a short essay – Fourth: drafting of the paper. At this point you are ready to write your short essay. Remember to follow your schedule to not miss even one step.

How to do a short essay – Quinto: re-reading and choosing the title. Once you have done all the brief essay, all you have to do is put down the pen and rest for at least a few minutes. Empty your head, distract yourself and relax. When you feel ready, read the short essay and check its consistency (remember? You don’t have to take anything for granted and all your arguments must be based on objective data!) And verifying that there are no spelling or grammar errors. At this point you are ready to choose the title of your short essay. A tip: look for a phrase that is not too long, better if it has an effect, but is not too cryptic. Before handing over, read it all one last time.


So far so clear? Following our steps to make a perfect short essay should no longer be a problem. If, however, you really want to impress all the profs with an applause, then we suggest you to follow these three tips:

At the beginning always remember to identify the core of the problem around which to organize all the information.

Remember to always keep a certain expository and argumentative rigor: try to convince the recipient with coherent arguments, well organized according to the principles of evidence and rationality, paying attention to the cause-effect relationships. Often it is good to summarize, in a synthetic way, the comparison and the different data, to enrich the elaborate.

In arguing your theses you make the whole more cohesive and linear through the use of connectives, fundamental in the logical passages from one argument to another.

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