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What is paraphrase? Definition

Paraphrasing is the reworking of a text in simpler terms in order to make it more understandable without changing either its content or meaning.

The most widespread is the paraphrase of a poetic text, an operation that is also referred to as a “prose version”, a truly important operation for the purpose of understanding a text.

How to paraphrase

It begins with a first in-depth reading of the text, aimed at:

  • Identification of key concepts
  • Emphasis on obscure or difficult concepts and words
  • Decoding of these concepts and words
  • Simplification of these concepts and words
  • Rewriting the piece in plain and clear shapes

To reconstruct the content of a poem it is appropriate to recall some other passages:

  • Translate the typical terms of poetic language, the outdated, unusual, allusive terms
  • Reconstruct the usual order of the sentence (subject, predicate, complements)
  • Explain the rhetorical figures with more explicit turns of words

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